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To Kappa Sigma at Shippensburg University. We are a men's fraternity dedicated to fellowship, leadershipscholarship, and service. We were founded in 1869 and we are the largest Fraternity in North America and Shippensburg. Feel free to contact our GM or Rush Chair with any questions you may have.


Kappa-Lambda has a home on 26 Middle Spring Avenue, conveniently located near campus since 2004 and is only a short walk from most academic buildings. Walk past Old Main and go below the embankment towards Hot Point apartments and Inn.  The Kappa-Lambda Chapter of Kappa Sigma invites you to stop by.

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Almost all students will graduate as very different people from the high school seniors they were.  In this transition, it is important to have a close network of friends that you can count on, a range of leadership opportunities to build your resume and practice core skills, and it’s also important to have some fun. 

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is the process where interested students learn about the fraternity and meet the brother of Kappa Sigma. Everyone is encouraged to rush, but you can only pledge if you have more than 12 credits. Rush is all year round, and we have many fun and free events you can attend. We are completely non-hazing fraternity.

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